Native American Grant School Association welcomes your grant school to join! 

How to Join NAGSA?

It's as simple as presenting the template resolution to your school board, in which formal action must be taken from your organization. You then appoint a Primary Representative to attend NAGSA Board Meetings

What are the membership rates?

Below are the following Membership rates to become members of NAGSA:

NAGSA Membership Rates:

NAGSA Membership Rates are based on your school's student enrollment. 

Residential Dorms

        Less than 150 students  $1,500.00

Student Count

        100 or Less                   $1,500.00

        101-200                        $2,000.00

        201-300                        $2,250.00

        301-400                        $2,500.00

        401-500                        $2,750.00

        501 or More                  $3,000.00

Membership Enrollment 


Joining NAGSA Membership

Joining NAGSA Associate Membership

What is NAGSA Associate Membership?

Associate Membership are NAGSA members are members who want to be apart of NAGSA but are not voting members of NAGSA. Associate Members get discounted prices on NAGSA sponsored events.

NAGSA Associate Membership may apply for a fee of $1000.00.