Services Provided by NAGSA 

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Events & Conferences 

NAGSA provides two conferences for the general public. NAGSA holds a Summer and Winter Conferences. The purpose of NAGSA's conferences is to gather of group of people with a common interest or background towards education for Native American students, with the purposes of allowing attendees to collaborate with one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on a topic of mutual concern. Although NAGSA is a school board association, we offer our conference down the staff and students as well. 

For more information about future or current events. Please visit the NAGSA Events & Conferences page by clicking here

Current list of Services Provided by NAGSA

  • Events & Conference 

  • Workshops

  • Legislative General Assembly

  • Strategic Planning Support for Membership Schools

  • Awards

NAGSA will be offering additional service to our membership schools in the near future. 

This page is will provide an overview of each of the services that is entitled to our NAGSA membership schools. 

NAGSA may also apply an additional fee for some of theses services 

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As part of NAGSA's goals is to offer workshops for schools and their staff. NAGSA's objective for our workshops is to introduce a new concept, demonstrate, and encourage the practice of methods. It's a great way to teach hands-on skills because it offers participants a chance to try out new methods for schools and their staff to adopt for their use.  

NAGSA will establishing with experts or entities, organizations, and possibility governmental agencies for partnership to educate our attendees for best practices.

For more information about future or current events. Please visit the NAGSA Workshop page by clicking here

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NAGSA Legislative General Assembly

NAGSA will offer Legislative Assembly for membership school's full governing board to cast their vote. NAGSA's vision for our Legislative General Assembly to convene in one united voice as elected school board members for our membership school to discuss NAGSA's Political position.


As each elected school board member motions, votes on to pass important resolutions that benefit the education to our Native American students. Actions that are voted on during the Legislative General Assembly is given to the Board of Directors to use in terms to advocate for Native American students at Federal, State, and Tribal levels. 

NAGSA will allot at one of NAGSA's Conferences.

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Strategic Planning Support for
Membership schools

NAGSA is willing to assist with our membership schools with providing support to our member schools governing board develop achievable goals. NAGSA's vision for supporting our member schools develop their Strategic Planning, so schools can set overall goals and develop a plan to achieve the short & long term goals. Schools will be able to head in direction and what its priorities should be accomplished. 

NAGSA is willing to provide support during a school's strategic planning process. NAGSA and the school will coordinate a date and time for Strategic Planning.

This service does apply a $500.00 fee for membership schools and $1,000.00 for Non-NAGSA membership schools. 

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NAGSA is loving and caring association. NAGSA we offer awards for our membership schools. NAGSA is here to provide recognition and rewards for employees, and students performance that boost the motivation to maintain a positive attitude in education for our Native American students. 

NAGSA normal sets date and time during one of the conferences for presenting awards to our member schools. 

For more information about future or current events. Please visit the NAGSA Workshop page by clicking here