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Textbook on Navajo government to be created

Dr. Jennifer Denetdalle (courtesy Univ. of New Mexico)

The Navajo Nation will create a textbook on Navajo government for use in high schools. The two volume text book will be co-edited by Dr. Jennifer Denetdale and Daryl Begay. It will be written in Navajo and English, with a digital version for online learning.

“The textbook will provide students a comprehensive view of Diné history and governance,” Denetdale said in a news release by the Navajo Scholarship Office. “The original Dinétah and Diné Bikéyah as laid out by the Holy People and their teachings left with the Diné will be used as the standard for learning about Diné/Navajo government.” “Navajo governance is, on the one hand, profoundly shaped and transformed by its relationship to the United States’ settler nation, and, on the other hand, it is also remembered by our leaders and people that we have the teachings of our ancestors about what government, leadership, and citizenship looks like,” she said. 

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